Sit beside me in long moments of shared solitude, knowing both our absolute aloneness and our undeniable belonging
— Oriah Mountain Dreamer



Are you ready to step more fully into your life?
To come home to your true self?

The fire of my own journey has taken me on a process of healing and releasing old patterns, and stepping more fully into my authenticity and power as a woman. The greatest catalyst for this is a compassionate curiosity about my experience, a radical acceptance of what is, and a deep commitment to truth and freedom.

My path has led me to the studies of dharma and meditation over the last 15 years, nature based soul-encounter, deep immersions in earth skills and solitude, yoga, Jungian psychology, rites-of-passage, sacred ceremony, dance, Deep Ecology, rewilding, and my own therapy.

A trained Vision Quest guide and Lifeline telephone counsellor, I have been facilitating and mentoring deep change work with groups and individuals since 2005.

My passions and skills

  • Compassionate witnessing and mirroring
  • Exploration of limiting blocks and emotional patterns
  • Helping you discern and follow your own internal guidance
  • Empowering you to deeply connect and become who you really are
  • Life purpose visioning
  • Gentle guiding into the mysteries of soul and psyche
  • The power of the feminine
  • Reconnection with nature and earth wisdom

What I offer

One-on-one mentoring sessions

  • Either on skype or in person
  • $100/hour for a single session
  • $90/hour for two or more sessions
  • Three and six month Mentoring Programs of fortnightly calls and follow-up

Nature’s Apprentice Intensives

Many people are seeking greater intimacy with nature and the elements, and a sense of safety and belonging in the wilds. Earth skills and nature awareness are a powerful doorway into awakening the wild within, cultivating deep nature connection and personal transformation.

Are you called to be nature’s apprentice?

The format

One-on-one or small group guided time in nature tailored to your needs and desires. Programs can include learning earth skills such as fire-by-friction, movement & awareness, core routines of nature connection; as well as soul-encounter practices such as befriending the dark, quest walks, supported overnight solos, sacred council, ceremony and ‘campfire therapy.’ 


Enquire now

Feel free to contact me and we can set up an initial free 20 min Skype chat.

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One of the deepest longings of the human soul is to be seen
— John O'Donohue