Malcolm Ringwalt in Australia

Breaking news! 

I’m excited to announce that Malcolm Ringwalt of the Earth-Heart Institute of Vision and Healing is confirmed to visit Australia in November this year, to offer two profound courses that may change your life the way they did mine. 

A remarkable spiritual teacher and healer, Malcolm has been a long-term mentor and teacher of mine since I first attended these same two courses at Tracker School in 2008-09. 

Anyone who has read my book, will recall my conversations with Malcolm, the elder and mentor who helped shape the course of my ‘year without matches’, setting it on a trajectory of true transformation. 

Working with Malcolm, I have experienced powerful shifts in physical and spiritual energy, clearing of deep layers of unresolved emotional material, and an opening to new levels of silence, oneness, and potential for life and living. 

The two retreats he will be offering – 7 Levels of Quest and Vision Quest Protector Training – are based on teachings passed down from Stalking Wolf, a Lipan Apache elder and Shaman, through Tom Brown Jr.

Malcolm’s retreats focus on a holistic mind/body/spirit approach to health, healing, and personal and spiritual growth, designed to put you on the path of your heart and your own inner guidance. They are also deeply embedded in the healing power of nature.


From Malcolm’s recent newsletter:

“If you hold to the deepest truth that lives in your heart, ignoring the mad dash towards the superficial and the self-centered all around you, you will be like the lighthouse in a storm, perhaps ignored by the ships heading for disaster, but, nonetheless, standing tall and untouched by the gathering storm. We cannot escape being the witness of this storm, but we don’t have to drown in it.”

“The best way to navigate through apparent chaos is to nurture and build the essential silence of Oneness. Oneness is the absolute truth of existence and the truth of your Self. Actually, as you work with it experiencing it more fully, you discover that your own stable and solid connection to Oneness is the only safety that can be known, as it is the only thing that is real!”

“In moments of absolute stillness, you are touched by the sacred and timeless truth - you realize your divine union with God... That is the remarkable gift, the “Grand Vision”, that is the ultimate Truth of life that lies hidden behind all our ideas of what life is, our stories, judgments, beliefs, assumptions, wounds, fears, and angers. All these latter elements are merely the surface static that stands between our self and our true Unity.”  


If your heart feels moved by these sentiments, I encourage you to find out more about these courses:
7 Levels of Quest: Nov 4-12, Northern NSW.
Vision Quest Protector Training: Nov 15 - 24, Northern NSW.

Places are limited, so register early to avoid disappointment and to take advantage of the early bird prices. 

I look forward to sharing these teachings with my community, in what might be a one-off opportunity to learn from this powerful lineage here in Australia.