You must learn one thing. The world was made to be free in.
Give up all the other worlds except the one in which you belong.
— David Whyte



Growing up on a farm in the Hunter Valley, I have been exploring and protecting wild places since a child. My love for nature propelled me to work for many years as an environmental campaigner for organisations such as The Wilderness Society.

With a growing interest in the psychology of human-nature connection, I immersed myself in deep ecology, wilderness survival and nature awareness skills, rewilding, Jungian psychology, yoga, somatic psychotherapy and nature based soul encounter practices such as Vision Quest. I have also been a student of dharma and meditation for the last fifteen years.

In 2010, I embarked on a year of nature immersion, completing the Guunuwa Independent Wilderness Studies Program, the subject of my subsequent memoir My Year Without Matches: Escaping the City in Search of the Wild.

My passion is fostering deep connection to earth, self and community, and ‘rewilding’ both our inner and outer landscapes. I have been offering reconnecting and rewilding workshops and retreats since 2005 and am a trained Vision Quest guide. I also offer personal mentoring sessions to help guide those seeking to dive deeper into their life and experience greater levels of connection.

I'm also a writer...

I hold a degree in Media and Communications from Macquarie University and have been a freelance journalist since 2001. A regular contributor to The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and Wellbeing, I am a current Huffington Post blogger and columnist for The Newcastle Herald. My work has also been published in The Australian, the Sun Herald, The Australian Geographic, Grazia, The Big Issue, Slow Living, Jetstar Inflight magazine, The Glow, and the essay anthology Fire. In 2004, I co-authored the book Talking Water: An Australian Guidebook for the 21st Century. My memoir My Year Without Matches: Escaping the City in Search of the Wild was published by Black Inc in 2014.

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The future must enter you long before it happens
— Rainer Maria Rilke