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Spirituality from the Ground Up: Re-weaving the Web of Connected Culture

  • Newcastle City Hall 290 King Street Newcastle, NSW, 2300 Australia (map)

Spirituality from the Ground Up:

Re-weaving the Web of a Connected Culture

A Keynote Address:

 Spiritual Care Australia National Conference

May 9 - Newcastle City Hall


Keynote Summary

We live in a time of rapid change and uncertainty, creating disconnection from ourselves, our community and the planet. It is a time of both great challenge and opportunity. How do we begin to weave back together the threads of our frayed culture without becoming overwhelmed or despairing? What practices, both personal and transpersonal, cultivate true connection? It’s time to gather the resources, wisdom and support from all corners – indigenous peoples, science, new thinkers, our inherited lineages, and our own personal spirituality – in order to vision our way forward to a life-affirming world.

Date: 9 May 2018

Time: 11.40am - 12.20pm.



Spiritual Care Australia

National Conference 2018

Towards New Horizons

Horizons are edgy places, places of vulnerability and uncertainty. They are elusive and an illusion. They are not an end point, there is always more.

Horizons are a constant, they give us perspective, they confine us, define us, invite exploration, alter and move as our reference point changes, they limit our capacity to see, they keep us safe. We wonder about what is beyond, they frighten us.

In today’s society people appear to be seeking new horizons, engaging with religion and spirituality in new and diverse ways. Spiritual care is evolving too, exploring new horizons and ways to meet contemporary needs.

The 2016 Census data reveals that 52 percent of the population is affiliated with Christianity.  Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam and Buddhism are increasingly common beliefs.  Some 30 percent of Australia’s population report no religious affiliation.

As familiar horizons dissolve what now holds us as a profession? If we are to turn our gaze towards new horizons, to dream, to believe what is possible, what is inviting us, what is challenging us?

To move towards new horizons we need an open mind uncluttered by old paradigms, hope to believe there is more, creativity to hear a new language, a clear vision and intentional preparation to move. It will take courage to lose sight of the shore.

Join us at Newcastle 6-9 May 2018 to explore the possibilities of new horizons for yourself and your profession.

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