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An Earth Journey for Young Women

  • Fairfield Victoria (map)

Rites of Spring presents

An Earth Journey for Young Women

In traditional human cultures, a rite-of-passage marks the stepping out of childhood towards adulthood with increased responsibilities, freedoms and finding one’s place in the wider world. 

In recent generations in the West, this understanding, and the acccompanying practices that support the healthy development of an adolescent have been largely lost. 

Almost without fail, this passage has involved connection to the wider community of nature, plants and animals. 

In 2017, Rites of Spring are offering the first Earth Journey for Young Women, aimed at fostering connection to earth, community, and developing the individual's understanding of their own unique gifts and skills to bring to the world. 

This journey of discovery, challenge and adventure will include:
- Fire making without matches
- Basket weaving and other wildcrafts
- Nature connection and awareness games
- Sacred ceremony
- Myths, stories and songs
- Women's mysteries
- Camp out and solo 'quest'

The six workshops will culminate in a weekend camp out where participants can put to use their newfound skill and sense of adventure in a solo 'quest' overnight. Throughout the journey participants will be surrounded by a supportive group of women mentors and a budding friendship circle.


Sundays - May 14, June 18, July 30, Sept 10
Weekends - Oct 14-15; Nov 10-12, Dec 1


$600 early bird price
Lunches included


We welcome all young women of diverse identities and backgrounds. 

For any further queries about the course: Phone Yael: 0403 252 489


The facilitators of Earth Journey all have a wealth of experience and support to share with young women on this journey.

Claire Dunn is a writer, rewilding facilitator, barefoot explorer and soul guide. Spending a year in the wilds, Claire wrote the best-selling memoir ‘My Year without Matches: Escaping the City in Search of the Wild.' 

Mel Turnbull, runs nature connection and awareness adventures for children. Her passion for sharing this knowledge in a playful way has led her to work at Wollangarra Outdoor Education and her own Currawong Kids program at Darebin Parklands.

Lindy Spanger is a Soul Centered Psychotherapist, facilitates women’s circles and hosts a regular Red Tent experience. She loves to share the stories and myths of powerful female characters and sacred rituals.

Yael Zalchendler is a Social Ecologist, mother and founder of the Rites of Spring program. She is interested in providing educational opportunities outside of the school system based on skill sharing, ecological livelihoods, and resilience building.