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Bush Adventure Therapy National Forum - Presentation

Facilitating Deep

Nature Connection:

The Core Routines Of Nature Connection:

Practices To Rewild And Reconnect


Spending time outdoors does not necessarily cultivate a deep connection to nature. Pioneers in the field drawing on anthropological study of indigenous cultures, science, and a long hard look at the effectiveness of environmental education have found that there are core practices that quickly create strong bonds of connection between humans and nature. Simple and repeatable practices such as tracking, bird language, sensory awareness and attuned mentorship are some of the most effective and ancient techniques that exist to enable profound connection with nature, with ourselves, and with each other.

By understanding our relationships with the animals, plants, weather and wind, and various aspects of the natural environment around us, we re-pattern our brain and nervous system to activate what are known as ‘the attributes of connection’ – happiness, vitality, the ability to listen deeply, increase empathy, helpfulness, true aliveness and gratitude for life, compassion, forgiveness and the quiet mind. This presentation will involve personal stories helping to illustrate the research and ideas, many drawn from my study with master tracker and anthropologist Jon Young from the 8 Shields Institute.