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Spring Vision Quest - Victoria

  • Victoria Australia (map)

I am clearing a space – 
Here, where the trees stand back.
I am making a circle so open
the moon will fall in love
and stroke these grasses with her silver….

If something seized my life tonight,
If a sudden wind swept through me,
changing everything,
I would not resist. 
I am ready for whatever comes. 

Morgan Farley

Since earliest times, people have received profound insight about themselves and their world by means of a vision quest – a multi-day solo fast within nature, seeking personal truth, emotional release and spiritual knowledge. 

Stepping into your vision quest circle, you step out of your everyday reality and into the vast unknown. By doing so, you offer a clear invitation to the mysteries of life – yours, and the greater life of we are a part – to greet you. 

While abstaining from conversation with humans during this time, we are propelled instead into a deep conversation with the more-than-human world – the sacred Other. Through this conversation, parts of ourselves and our life’s purpose are often mirrored back to us in poetic clarity. 

To quest is to open yourself in radical receptivity; to empty yourself completely so that you may be filled with something new and generative. Immersed in wild nature, we come back to a simplicity and clarity of knowing that is often eclipsed in our busy lives. Instead of looking for answers and healing somewhere outside of you, the quest brings it back to the wisdom of your own heart.

The Vision Quest is particularly powerful to help navigate times of transition and major life crossroads, which have the opportunity to be powerful thresholds to deep healing, growth and empowerment.

If you are called to the Vision Quest you are ready to confront the habits and patterns of your life which are limiting your potential and step into the fulfilment of your unique Vision. 

The Spring Quest we are offering is for three days and three nights of solo immersion. During this time, participants will stay within a small circle, free to respond to the moment as guided by their inner wisdom, while being held within the Earth's and Creator's presence. The Vision Quest is a fast from all things that are familiar in our normal life and includes fasting from food during the time spent in the Vision Quest circle. 

Claire Dunn and Ostii Ananda will be your Vision Quest protectors. Claire has received Vision Quest Protector training in the Stalking Wolf lineage through Malcolm Ringwalt of the Earth Heart Institute. Ostii Ananda apprenticed in shamanic work at The Centre for Human Transformation for three years and also works as a yoga teacher and bodyworker with years of exploration into tantra, sexuality and connection practices. Both Claire and Ostii bring experience in our own questing journeys and will be able to offer you safe and supportive counsel during this time. 

We are honoured to offer this sacred ceremony & welcome you to be in touch.


"The Vision Quest far exceeded my expectations. The program was delivered with love, integrity, honour, passion and a deep respect that can only come from those who have walked this sacred path many times themselves. With gentle encouragement, I felt safe enough to challenge my beliefs about the boundaries of my own comfort zone, which led me to an awakening and insight that I could never have gotten otherwise. My Vision Quest experience enabled me to get right down to my barest bones, stripping away layers of programming to discover the root of my true essence. This is exactly what I needed. I felt completely held and supported by the team throughout - from the time I applied to long after the quest was over. My boundless gratitude goes out to these amazing facilitators, and to the lineage of teachers - past, present and future."

Rachel Tabone, Melbourne.

"Being out there, alone in the the forest and held in a space where I felt able and encouraged to trust my own instincts was relieving and such a gift. It really felt like a rite of passage. Coming into awareness of that deep sense of self, stillness and place. In spite of all of my boredom and waiting and blocks and irreverence, I felt sacred in that space and I now know I belong here. I am in awe of (the protector's) power to hold yourselves, each other, the space and us with such grace, wisdom, heart and humour. I feel like you supported us with open palms, able to take all our weight, while allowing us our freedom. Thank you.As far as everything else goes, it was all amazing. A great balance of structure and space with everything seeming to flow together. The food was great, the people, the land, the ceremony, the stories, all just perfect like a gnarly old gum tree,"

Rosie Cooper, Melbourne

Program info

The Vision Quest program will be held on a beautiful 800 acre bush block south of Sale near the coast in Gippsland, three hours drive of Melbourne.  Accommodation is tent camping, previous experience with spiritual retreats and camping is not essential. A beautiful selection of whole food ingredients will be provided for you to prepare your own meals around a communal camp fire with the group. An essential element to questing is preparation, so we ask all who are called to participate in the Vision Quest to be in touch well before the date. 


Payment types: We have provided a number of options for course cost, to try and make vision quest as accessible as possible. The full course cost is $880 early bird ($980 after August 25). The other options are available for low incomes or concession card holders, and are self assessing. Please enquire about payment plans if needed.

Early Bird: $680 to $880 (full payment before 25th August)
Full Price: $880 to $1,080
Deposit: $250

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Please note that your booking is subject to completion and approval of your application form which will be forwarded to you once registration is complete.

Payment plans available. Please contact us.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel more than 14 days before the commencement of the program you will be refunded the full amount, minus a $50 admin fee.

If you cancel within 14 days of commencement of the program you will be refunded 50% of the program cost if you have paid in full. If you have only paid a deposit, this will not be refunded.

If you cancel within 48 hours of commencement of the program you will not be eligible for a refund.