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Rawhide Rattle Making

Rattles are powerful ceremonial and ritual objects, used for generations across cultures to call in the spirits, and energetically cleanse an area in a similar way to smudging. 

The power of the rattle though of course, rests in the hands of its caretaker. Making your own rattle by hand empowers your rattle with your medicine, intention and commitment. It comes alive in the making, and is likely to become one of your treasured possessions.

Join me for an intimate circle of rattle making, crafting and chai over two Monday evenings in July. We will be using kangaroo rawhide, which is a very special material giving your rattle a distinctly Australian earth-based power. 

rawhide rattle making Sacred Ecology June 2016

No previous skills necessary (i.e you don't have to be crafty).

When: Monday the 18th and 25th July, 6.30 - 9pm
Where: Brunswick
Cost: $90/$80 (conc card) including materials
Bookings essential, numbers limited. 
To register email: