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Taste of Love Festival

Re-Wilding Your Soul

As part of the Taste of Love Festival

Friday 19th February

5.30pm - 7pm

Byron Bay

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Dullness is another name for tameness, said Thoreau. Beneath our domestic, cultivated, air-conditioned surface, we are, in essence, wild. Developing intimacy with the elements and wild nature awakens the elemental powers within us, breathing new life into our sense bodies, more flow and dynamism into our emotions, and an intuitive and instinctive intelligence to our spirit. Opening to the more-than-human-world, we invite in a larger awareness and capacity for presence. We come alive. We take the world in our teeth with fierce passion. We embrace the elemental juicy quality of life and love. By getting in touch with our ‘native’ powers, we can help each other honour and awaken our free elemental spirits, Join Claire and Ostii for a Rewilding experience of sensorial opening, elemental connection, movement and awareness.

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

Activation of the elemental qualities within
Deep connection to self, earth, and other
Sensorial opening and expanded awareness
Awakening of the wild masculine and wild feminine energies
Sense of larger ‘interconnected’ self


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