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7 Levels of Quest

  • Cloud Moutain Uki, NSW (map)

We are very excited to announce that a profound teacher and spiritual guide Malcolm Ringwalt is coming to Australia in November this year to offer two courses hitherto only offered in the USA. This is probably a one-off opportunity to learn first hand these teachings passed down through an ancient lineage. 

Seven Levels of Quest is usually only open to those who have completed a four day ‘Vision Quest’. The pre-requisite is being waivered for this course and extended into a 9 day intensive that will extend and stretch your awareness, and your understanding of what it is to walk a spiritual path.  

These Seven Levels of Quest encompass the total knowledge and experience of the Vision Quest. More than that, they have the power to lift ordinary, daily life experience from the mundane and physical to the height of spiritual clarity and enlightenment. Offered by Malcolm Ringwalt, these quest practices are based on teachings passed down from Stalking Wolf, a Lipan Apache elder and Shaman, through Tom Brown Jr.

With the understanding and the practices of the Quests, no facet of life remains outside your spiritual growth and vision. Better yet, these Quests are easily fitted into our daily lives. There is no need to go off into the woods for a week or more to work with them. In fact, they are better suited to an active lifestyle.

Everyday experience, whether painful and difficult or exciting and joyful, become grist for the mill on the spiritual path. These quests are not static practices, but are dynamic and evolving, keeping pace with the spiritual growth and evolution in our lives.

The first level of quest is called the Vision Quest and the other six Quests are experiences and movements within awareness that can be directly cultivated and that are embedded within the VQ. If you did enough Vision Quests you would eventually discover each of these Quests–perhaps after between 20 to 30 Quests. This class is designed to save you time on your spiritual journey and teach you to use the Quests in an active lifestyle. 

The daily schedule is a mixture of teachings and experiential nature-based exercises that can run late into the evening. It does not include a 4 day Vision Quest, nor any overnight fasting. All levels of experience are welcome.

It is no exaggeration to say that Seven Levels of Quest was a turning point in my life, a powerful catalyst for healing and spiritual growth. I sometimes wonder at my extraordinary luck to be led to these teachings. I’m excited to be helping bring Malcolm out to Australia to make available this experience to my community,” Claire Dunn

About Malcolm Ringwalt, M.A


Malcolm is the Founder and Director of the Earth-Heart Institute of Vision and Healing (since 1985). He is a highly intuitive healer and teacher who has helped countless people progress along their life’s journey. His teaching and counseling reflect his understanding that psychological health and spiritual growth emerge from the heart of silence and inspiration.

Malcolm guides people into their timeless spiritual core by putting them on the path of their own heart. He runs vision quests, advanced quest-related programs, spiritual growth retreats, and personal intensives and counseling at locations nationwide. He also does extensive work with clients and groups over the phone.

He never loses sight of the spiritual perfection of his clients, and he sees their healing as the result of their realization of this spiritual truth. He uses his finely honed intuition to help clients untangle the web of false beliefs and “undigested” experiences that form the block between them and their spiritual perfection. As these blocks are removed, the eternal truth of who we really are is revealed in all of its radiance and power.

He has been on his spiritual path for over 45 years, has a Master’s degree in counseling psychology, and is an advanced clinical hypnotherapist. More importantly, perhaps the only thing that matters, he has been graced by the presence and teachings of several powerful spiritual teachers who have guided him to his own knowledge.

Location: Cloud Mountain Retreat Centre, Uki, NSW

Course cost: $950. Registration covers all food, accommodation (camping), and facilitator fees. 


There are 5 more places left for 7 Levels of Quest. Please contact me to register.


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